Last year right before Christmas I hauled out my pair of headphones and did an interview with the Expat Chat podcast with host Tony Argyle. Tony lives in Australia, making the most difficult part of our interview trying to find a time that worked with our schedules and the eight hours of time difference.

As usually happens when people start asking me about living overseas, our conversation drifted to Pakistan and stayed there for awhile: most people are curious about what it was like to live there and surprised when I say how much I enjoyed it. We also covered Botswana, life with kids overseas, my favorite things to eat in Botswana, and the “Big Five” animals you have to see on safari. Also how great my mother-in-law is (and not just because I knew at some point she would listen.)

I hadn’t posted the interview here because I’ll admit that I haven’t listened to it yet. I always get weirded out hearing my own voice (is that really what I sound like?) and never got around to it. But I figured if I don’t put the link up now, it might be 2017 before I sit down and listen properly to the interview.

So here’s the link to the show: you can also get it right from iTunes here to hear me yakking about my life from the comfort of your own car during rush hour, on the treadmill at the gym, or lying on a blanket with your eyes closed in the sweet sunshine, if you’re lucky enough to have that kind of free time. Happy listening!