Today I am enjoying the feeling of being a law-abiding citizen. It may be the last day of that for awhile. I entered Pakistan on a three-month business visa that expires tomorrow, at which point I have no official documentation to demonstrate my authority to remain in the country. Good times!

It’s not like I didn’t do everything I could to follow the rules. I turned in the proper forms, signed the proper stuff, and endured an awkward visit from an agent of the Pakistan government’s Minister of the Interior (MOI). He stopped by our offices a month ago to check me out, presumably to verify that I was, in fact, a development professional and not a high-class Russian hooker. (After the Avari, I feel anything’s possible.) He was then supposed to forward my application to the proper authorities so they could issue me a nice, shining new two-year multiple entry visa.

Our office has worked to renew my visa through all the proper channels. So far, they have not been successful. As I contemplate the kind of living quarters one would be assigned should one find oneself on the Pakistani government’s bad side, let’s do a quick scan of my office’s efforts to keep me legal:

June 2:

Dear Miss,

With regard to your visa, MOI will send a reminder today to the agencies and have asked me to check with them again on Thursday.

I’m thinking my new, Pakistani-assigned living quarters upon detainment probably won’t be an overly large living space. Perhaps just a small room, shared with one or two other charming occupants?

June 4

Dear Miss,

After calling the MOI today came to know that they did not hear from the concerned agencies so far. Will call them again on Saturday.


Lately I have been doing a lot of shopping for furnishings and accessories to get ready to move into my new house in Islamabad. The good news is that I won’t need to do that once I am offered my replacement, Pakistani-sponsored accommodations. The bad news is that these new digs may not be totally up to snuff when it comes to my stated requirements of a powerful air-conditioner, a comfy couch to watch TV on, and a queen-sized bed with organic bamboo sheets.

June 11


Spoke with MOI they have not received so far the clearance from the agencies. The reason was told is that they all are very busy with high security alerts and its after effects. Was told to call again next week.
Come to think of it, I bet we don’t have to worry about the limitations of this living space as I probably won’t be in it for long. Let’s imagine, instead, the nice flight back to the US that will be efficiently arranged as part of my deportation.
June 11

Ma’am there is no alternative we have to wait and they are aware of the expiry of your visa and said that they will hopefully get the NOC early next week. We have no choice than to wait.

I remember the food on Qatar Airlines was not half bad.

June 17

Dear Miss,

Just so you know that I am constantly following up with MOI with regard to your visa extensions. They have already sent 2 reminders to the concerned agencies but no clearance received so far from them. MOI will send another reminder today and I shall call again on Friday to check the status. They were quite apologetic for the delay which is happening due to the security situation as the personnel are deputed to other tasks of the said matter.


And on the plus side, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to say hello to all of my lovely friends and family in the United States. Turns out you may be enjoying the pleasure of my company sooner than you think, as long as you don’t have any reservations about fraternizing with deportees and those living outside the law. Cheers!