It’s been a busy month here in Botswana as summer turns the corner toward winter and we get ready for the two weeks or so of “fall” that Gaborone usually enjoys. The kids continue to shoot up in size and abilities (the baby is crawling!), and we are busy preparing for a full winter of traveling to Cape Town, the U.S., and Mauritius.

But before the trips start, I was interviewed by Mariza Taillefer for the podcast “A Broad, Abroad,” which profiles expat women from around the world. I am very late to the whole podcast party (which apparently are free! And available on iTunes!) so believe it or not, my interview was the first podcast I’ve actually listened to. I can see why people like the format.

Our agenda was talk about what it’s like to live in Botswana, which we did, but first we took a sizable detour into a discussion about my experience living in Pakistan from 2009-2011. Speaking with a stranger about expat life in both of these countries made me realize again how much I have enjoyed livingĀ overseasĀ and how much there is to appreciate about seeing another slice of the world. Here’s the podcast if you want to listen!