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  • Our friends
  • Our big house (the rental in Cape Town was a bit of a squeeze)
  • How safe and quiet Botswana is (Sure, there are home invasions, but they are rarely violent.)

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  • Slow-as-molasses internet
  • All the shopping malls with their identical chain stores
  • The hot, humid soup that greets you when you open the door pharmacy2u

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Last night I made the mistake of posting a snarky Facebook status complaining about all the mosquitos in the house and how our internet seemed even slower than usual (it took me five minutes to load a recipe for Red Wine Sangria, aka sanity punch). Not 24 hours later, the gods of Moving Overseas Cheerfully retaliated by killing the electricity to our entire neighborhood. On Christmas Eve. At 6pm. Right as Lila and I were all set to roll out our Christmas cookies.

So the real answer to the question “How do you spend Christmas in Botswana?” turns out to be:

At the Lansmore–a hotel down the street that has, it must be said, very cold air conditioning, lightning fast internet, and nary a mosquito in sight. We’ve taken two adjoining rooms after hastily packing essentials in the dark and explaining to Lila that there will be no Christmas cookies tonight, but room service has ice cream. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

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