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I have gotten two colds in less than two months but secretly enjoy the excuse to eat ramen in bed while watching old episodes of Parks & Recreation.

I haven’t posted the professional newborn pics we had taken of the baby on Facebook yet because I don’t like how my post-birth puffy face looked in them. I’m going to do it soon anyway because, hello: vanity.

So there’s all my trash this week aired out for the world to see. It feels good: I highly recommend it. Feel free to jump in with a few pieces of your own if you’d like.

Trash Update

It’s a miracle.

UPDATE: Not 24 hours after I wrote this post I went outside to find all the trash: gone! Well, mostly gone. If we call the sprinkling of flour an homage to the winter snows we don’t get in Botswana and turn a blind eye to the other detritus left behind, we can call this ordeal RESOLVED! Thank you Gaborone Sanitation Department for (mostly) doing your job.

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