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a shadow of its former self

For the next family birthday party, I will have to rent a Jumpy Castle for just one day like the common folk, but I will not complain. My daughter wants to know why there is now a UFO-shaped landing pad pressed into the yard where grass used to be: I will shrug and wait for rain to fill it in. The neighborhood kids who thought that the Jumpy Castle was a permanent fixture of our yard now look at me with unveiled disappointment, but I will try to hold my head high.

I’m sorry to let them all down, but I’m glad that for a few, shining weeks our house was not just a house, but a beacon of bouncy house fun where anything was possible for the grand price of $1.23 per day. And also that the smell of hot vinyl has become an important part of my kids’ childhood memories. Sayonara, Castle!

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  • Julianna Velthoen Reply

    The demise of the jumpy castle! I’m almost sad to see it go, hot vinyl odors and all.

  • Ashley Reply

    It doesn’t disappoint! A great article yet again.. simply about a piece of plastic and yet I was intrigued!!! ha! 🙂

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