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I did some diligent research (this involved canvassing the receptionist, office manager, and driver at work while they were all hanging out in the lobby) and discovered that the logo is an old-fashioned tire jack, not a bovine pancake syrup bottle. It symbolizes the party “jacking up” the country to help it rise to success. Okay, so it still doesn’t really translate.

All three of my colleagues said they would definitely be voting for the Botswana Democratic Party again and they would definitely be voting, even though for at least one of them, this will require driving an hour out to his home village and standing in a long line all day. They did like the fact that Khama travels all around the country and asks people their opinions on what would make their lives better. I’m not sure exactly what the President does with this information; none of my colleagues said that BDP was great or fantastic or effective or super. They all just said something I should have guessed by now: when you take a look at the other (tiny) opposition parties, none of them stand out as any better.

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